The Versatile Blogger Award

Only a few days into starting my blogging journey and the lovely Elise from Elise Rose has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  You can check out her blog here. I am so happy and grateful to be  nominated! I love reading and finding out more about other bloggers and I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about me. The rules for this award are that I share seven facts about myself, then nominate fifteen other blogs to do the same.

So here are seven facts about myself:

  1. I love painting my nails and I own over fifty bottles of nail polish!
  2. I am a vegetarian.
  3. My favourite food is  goats cheese, I love it so much! You can’t beat a nice goats cheese salad!
  4. I have both my ears pierced  twice.
  5.  I have a random,  completely natural streak of  blonde hair at the back of my head even  though  the rest of my hair is a light brown colour.
  6. I love reading and posting motivational quotes, and do so daily.
  7. I love reading and Jodi Picoult is probably one  of my favourite writers.

Ciara’s Project / By Catstello / Badger & Bear / Tea and Toast /Squidgy Moments / Annie Writes Beauty / A South Wales Blog / Lauren Says It All / 100 Ways to Happy / Fifi On The Run / Pretty Loved / A Judge Less Life / AsiaJade / Leather and Lipstick / Jasmine Harding Makeup

Thank you for the nomination Elise! Happy reading and writing everyone!

Love, Emsy xxx.


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